What is Fungama?

Fungama is a FREE charity picnic, games day and volleyball tournament which raises funds toward sponsoring orphans. This year Fungama will be on Saturday, August 12th 2017, 12pm-9pm at Coronation Park in Oakville (Google Maps Link and also see the area map below) starting at noon (12pm).

Check out this recap video from Fungama 2015 to get a taste of what it’s all about!:

In one form or another, Fungama has been an annual event that started in 2010 as just a group of friends pot-lucking a picnic together and playing some casual sports on a sunny summer day.  It has grown to an event which was attended by over 300 people in 2015 for our 5th anniversary picnic where we raised over $13 000 to sponsor 21 orphans from all over the world on an annual basis!  We sponsor these orphans through the Orphan Sponsorship Program by the Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Toronto, St. George.

We also had 12 pumped up and enthusiastic volleyball teams in our friendly volleyball tournament competing for the Fungama Cup while the crowd cheered them on! All attendees were given a free dinner and free access to snacks and drinks over the day. In return they were asked to give a donation of any amount toward our cause. Our attendees were very generous and had a great time playing volleyball, watching, playing all sorts of casual/wacky games (see below), getting into water gun/balloon fights and playing pickup sports while enjoying some great food! In case of some rain, we have a covered picnic shelter booked as well as tents to wait out the odd shower if there happens to be some rain in the forecast.

Fungama History:

  • 2010: Fungama is born.  30 friends get together for a fun afternoon of eating picnic food, outdoor volleyball and throwing a football around. Fungama actually happened twice this year!
  • 2011:  Fungama grows to about 80 people as people who had fun the year prior spread word to their friends. Things start to get competitive in the tournament which became more formalized. We had our first official Fungama Cup Champions, Curry Craze!
  • 2012: The picnic grew to over 120 people and people got even more pumped up for the tournament. A charity component was added to the event and we started to sponsor orphans; 4 for 2012!
  • 2013: This year Fungama exploded to over 180 attendees.  With thousands of dollars raised, we sponsored an additional 4 orphans for a total of 8 annually.
  • 2014:  Topping out at over 200 attendees, we had a show of great team spirit with most of our volleyball teams having their own custom T-shirts, competing in the Fungama Cup to be crowned champion.  Enough funds were raised to re-sponsor our 8 original orphans and add 4 more for a total of 12 orphans sponsored by Fungama!
  • 2015: For our 5th anniversary we changed venues to the beautiful Coronation Park on Oakville’s lakeshore.  It was a gorgeous day attended by approximately 300 picnic goers of all types and ages. Our volleyball tournament was even more spirited as our players competed with the lake at their back. Our attendees had a great time cheering them on, eating some great burgers and fries cooked on site by a Hero Burger food truck while playing some crazy Fungama games including a DJ driven version of musical chairs, relay races, cheerleader rock paper scissors, potato sack races and giant Jenga and Connect Four!
  • 2016 is up next and you can be sure it’ll take the excellence we achieved thanks to all our participants and up it to the next level! We’ll see you on July 23rd, 2016!

What can you expect at Fungama?

Main Activities:

  • Group games and activities (see below)
  • Spectating/Socializing/Eating Delicious Food:  See our FAQ about a common misconception regarding Fungama that relates to this
  • The Holy Grill Food Truck: Various mains, sides and drinks all day!
  • The Fungama Cup Volleyball Tournament! (Participation not mandatory at all). http://fungama.org/ to register your team!
  • LIVE DJ spinning all day by the lake, under the sun while you play, eat and chill with your friends!

List of Group Games and Activities

  • DJ Driven Fungama Musical Chairs!
  • Water Fight 2016! Lots of pre-filled water balloons and a rapid balloon filling device! Bring your own water guns!
  • Tug o War 2016! We’ve got a giant rope and tons of space ready for a battle for bragging rights!
  • Cheerleader Rock Paper Scissors
  • Spinnerama
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Lemonade Races
  • Pickup Soccer
  • Photo Booth fun you can upload to social media! Prizes for the best photo!
  • Face painting by Seher Studio http://www.seherstudio.com/main/
  • Henna art from Her Henna by Zain http://www.herhenna.ca/
  • Giant Jenga
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Speaker’s Corner: Record a video message with your opinions and thoughts about Fungama, orphans, poverty, world issues or whatever’s on your mind!

Kids activities/sports:

  • Face painting provided by: Seher Studio
  • Splash pool, play structure and mini climbing wall

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Please join us this year! You don’t want to miss out on this unique, fun day in the sun!  Check out our FAQ for more information or contact us.