The Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP) by the MSA at UofT St. George is our main cause.

They are a university student organization that raises funds to sponsor orphans through the registered charities, Human Concern International (HCI), Islamic Relief Canada and ICNA Relief.

Donations equal to or greater than $20 paid through our Fungama website (top right corner menu link) or at the picnic itself are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt in time for your 2016 taxes from either HCI, Islamic Relief Canada, or ICNA Relief.

Donations cover education, health, food, shelter and other basic necessities for the orphans we sponsor for 1 year. They go directly to OSP at the Fungama event itself.

We must raise $13 000 to sponsor our 21 orphans for another year. If we can raise more than that, then we can sponsor additional children. We aim to re-sponsor them every year moving forward.

Here’s a flowchart to explain how our fundraising activities work:

Sponsorship Flowchart 2016

When we sponsor an orphan, we receive their profile and then are annually updated on the child’s progress. We can also keep in touch with the child/children by sending them letters, greetings cards, etc.





Artwork sent from Hajira (Click to enlarge)

Artwork sent from Hajira (Click to enlarge)










Important Sponsorship Information:

  • Human Concern International (HCI) – 0% admin fee
  • ICNA Relief (ICNA) – 0-10% admin fee
  • Islamic Relief Canada – Admin fee TBA

It costs $360/year to sponsor an orphan from: Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Guyana, Kosovo, & Indonesia.

It costs $624/year to sponsor an orphan from: Chechnya, Ethiopia, & South Africa

It costs $720/year to sponsor an orphan from: Palestine, Lebanon, & Bosnia

It costs $732/year to sponsor an orphan from: Iraq

OSP will be in attendance if you’d like more information and if you’d like to sponsor an orphan on your own, you will able to sign a pledge form for this at the picnic as well. We will also have displays representing the orphans that we sponsor.


Please donate generously

Please donate generously