Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will be new for Fungama 2017?

You can expect all the best parts of Fungama 2016 since our guests told us they had such a great time (and we did too!) However every year we try to refine, improve and add to Fungama.  We took your feedback from last year and have the following improvements coming up, with more to come once we officially start planning in April 2017:

  • 3rd volleyball court for recreational volleyball and grudge matches
  • Playing different teams in the seeding round
  • We didn’t have too much constructive criticism sent our way so that’s it for now!  We’ll add more as we decide which new ideas to implement!

Is this a public event?
Yes, it’s a public event but we expect our attendees to help us maintain a welcoming, non-threatening, comfortable atmosphere for ALL of our guests. If at any point an attendee is not complying with this expectation, they will be escorted out of the event and asked not to return again.

Do I have to play sports or be good at sports to attend?
Not at all!  A large part of Fungama is socializing and having a great time with friends eating and having fun in the sun.  In 2015 we added a TON of games and activities that we played with other attendees at the picnic that were not athletic in nature at all!  Can you squirt a water gun? Play musical chairs? Laugh your face off? Then you can participate in Fungama!  Don’t want to do that? Then you can still enjoy the event by just hanging out, watching, eating food and spending time with new and old friends!  While many people take part in the tournament, recreational sports and games more than half of attendees are simply there to enjoy the fun, social atmosphere of the event and munch on some food while watching the tournament or hanging out with friends in the sun.  Fungama is about charity as well as getting out and doing something out of the norm, but it’s also about bringing the community together so no one is asked to do anything they do not wish to participate in.  That’s always been our policy and always will be.

Where and how can I donate? Will I receive a tax receipt?
You have the following options:

  • Online donations via this website (top right corner, “Donate” in the menu)
  • At the picnic itself using debit/credit card, cash or cheque made out to Orphan Sponsorship Program.

Yes, you will receive a tax receipt from either HCI, Islamic Relief Canada or ICNA Relief provided you donate $20 or more.

Will photos be taken at the event?  What do I do if I don’t want them posted online?
Event Photo Disclaimer: If you don’t want to have your photos from Fungama 2016 posted on Fungama.org or social media, don’t pose for photos (including any team/group shots) and let the photographers (Faisal Waseem and Salman Dia-Eddine) know that they should avoid candid shots that include you. These two professional individuals took photos for us at Fungama 2013 and 2014 as well. If you want an idea of what their photography is like, please check out our Fungama 2013 Photo Gallery and Fungama 2014 Gallery. We want to make sure everyone is happy so your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

What about washroom facilities?
This year the event is at Coronation Park which features full permanent washrooms. For our Muslim friends, if you need to perform wudu (cleansing prior to prayer), you may use these as well.  We are also by the lakeshore and there is sand available if you choose to go that route for wudu.

Can we bring our kids?
While Fungama has been primarily attended by people in their 20s and 30s in the past, attendees are welcome to bring their cousins/nieces/nephews/children and young families are obviously welcome as well. We had several people bring their children in the past and they had a great time running around and kicking/throwing a ball around. Everyone is welcome regardless of age and we will try to accommodate everyone in the day’s activities!  At Fungama 2015 we are planning face painting and there will be a play structure, mini climbing wall and splash pool.  However please look after your own children as we are not responsible for them. This means we are not there to babysit them for you and looking after them is up to you as always, as a parent.

Can kids play in the volleyball tournament?
The volleyball tournament would be where we’d have to restrict players to being roughly adult sized (at least 4.5 feet in height for safety reasons in the event of someone falling on them during a game). If they are in middle school or high school they should have the ability to bump, set and serve. We’d request that the majority of the players on your team be above the age of 18 though. Most players you’ll be playing against will be adults so yours should be as well to ensure the tournament is relatively fair and fun for all.  Anyone under 18 will have to have a parent sign their waiver in order to participate in the tournament.