Picnic Details

This year Fungama will be on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 at Coronation Park in Oakville (Google Maps Link) starting at 12pm-9pm.

We will be supplying mains, sides and drinks from The Hero Buger food truck in addition to snacks and dessert to anyone willing to donate to our cause.

As always, admission to the event is FREE.   The food is also FREE, provided you make a donation to the Orphan Sponsorship Program! In order to get a ticket for Hero Burger, your donation must be made on site (Cash, Cheque or Credit Card)

Suggested minimum donation per individual is $20… that gets you a meal, snacks, dessert and drinks and your ENTIRE donation goes toward Orphan Sponsorship. Sweet deal, right?

Please be generous as the more you’re able to give, the more orphans we can all help together!  Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks to the picnic however you must be willing to take the leftovers home please.   We have a covered picnic shelter booked as well as tents to wait out the odd shower if any rain is in the forecast.


Picnic Itinerary:

  • 12:00pm: Fungama Begins!  All tournament participants including players and referees/scorekeepers to arrive for registration
  • 12:30pm:  Tournament Start! Cutoff time for team disqualification.  Rules reviewed with all teams and referees
  • 1:30pm: Break
  • 2:00pm – 7:30pm: Fungama Games!  Potato sack races, lemonade races, Fungama Musical Chairs, Spinnerama Game, Ice Breaker, Water Fight, Tug-o-War, Giant Connect Four and Giant Jenga, Photo Booth, Speakers Corner
  • 3:45pm: Large group photo, Individual team photos
  • 5:30pm: Break
  • 6:45pm: Fungama Cake Cutting and Fungama Cup Presentation
  • 7:30pm onwards: Whatever you want!
  • 9:00pm: Fungama 2016 ends *sniff*

Combos include burger, fries and drinks! The Hero Burger food truck will be available all day from 12pm to 9pm!

All food, including mains, sides, drinks, snacks and dessert, is provided at no set charge to you. We do ask that you make a donation in exchange for your meal as 100% of your donation will go toward our cause (the orphans) and this is where the majority of our fundraising will come from. A suggested minimum donation is $20 and you will get tax receipts for donations in that amount or greater.  No portion of your donation will go toward financing Fungama in any way. You will actually be donating directly to OSP on the day of. In addition to a tasty meal, you’re getting the snacks, desserts and drinks provided by our kind volunteers. We will not use any of your donations to recoup the cost of the food or any portion of the event so please be generous.

In order to get a food ticket for The Hero Burger Truck, your donation must be made on site (Cash, Cheque or Credit Card)

A suggested MINIMUM donation is $20/meal.

If you are taking multiple meals for your family, a suggested MINIMUM donation would be $60/family of 4.

Of course, it would help us greatly to see larger donations!

If you have dietary restrictions of any kind, please let us know and we’ll try to order an alternative for you.

We’ll have a big Fungama cake we’ll be cutting in celebration along with mini cupcakes for all!

Mini Cupcakes 3 (2)