Final Step – Team Pledge Payment

Thank you for submitting your team’s registration information!  You should now receive an E-mail containing the information you submitted, the instructions below as well as how to get friends and family to make pledges to increase your team’s fundraising total!  Make sure you check your spam folder if you don’t receive it shortly (usually it arrives immediately).

Your team’s registration is almost complete!  To complete your Team Pledge Payment and reserve your spot in the tournament, please follow the following 6 steps carefully. Read the instructions completely before beginning:

1. Use the PayPal “Donate” button below Step #6 to complete paying your team pledge. Pledge a minimum of the following amounts depending on the number of players you have on your team. Please note, that if you want to pledge more, we are more than happy to accept your larger pledge and add that to your total. The team that raises the most funds for sponsoring orphans will be awarded medals at Fungama 2017 in front of the whole crowd!

6-8 players: $120
9 players: $135
10 players: $150
11 players: $165
12 players $180

When you click on the button, a new page will open at PayPal’s secure website.

2. In the field on the right, enter the amount of your Team Registration Pledge as explained above and login.

3. At the screen that says “(yourname), please review your donation” click “Add special instructions to the seller:”

4. In the “Add special instructions to the seller:” text box, enter the following “Team Registration Pledge for [team-name].” Where [team-name] is your team’s name.  This part is CRITICAL to making sure everything goes smoothly.

5. Complete the payment by clicking the “Donate $X Now” button.

6. Once you complete payment via PayPal, you will receive an E-mailed receipt which we will also receive. Wait until you’ve heard back from us that everything is in order. Once you get an E-mail confirmation from us, your team’s spot in the 2015 Fungama Cup is reserved!

If you would like friends and family to pledge donations toward your team’s fundraising total, please direct them to the “Donate” link in the menu at the top right of this website and have them follow the instructions there.